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Tuesday, April 03, 2007



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Cell Phone Celebrities: Stars on your cell phone

Author: Philip Nicosia
Maybe you like how they look and the clothes they wear, admire their talent or the role they currently play on the TV, or simply like having their faces on your cellular phone screen. Maybe you took pictures of when you met them, and you intend to prove to everyone you know that you did meet them. Whatever the reason, celebrities continue to occupy the mobile phones of many subscribers. A camera phone makes a convenience out of taking photos of friends and odd sceneries, and practicing basic photography skills. Doing so will provide a whole range of options for changing wallpapers and screensavers on your phone. On the other hand, for the eager entertainment fan, a mobile phone equipped with a good digital camera proves useful, particularly in documenting his or her celebrity encounters. After all, what better way to tell your story than with a visual aid? However, not all celebrity fanatics have the time, energy, or interest in becoming the paparazzi. Thanks to the innovations developed by mobile telecommunications providers, your pictures are just one of the ways through which celebrities can occupy your cellular phone. Some service providers also offer voice tones of your favorite celebrities, as well as ring tone versions of songs of your favorite musical act. Other similar products are cell phone wallpaper versions of movie posters, photos of the celebrities taken on the red carpet, awards night pictures, and sometimes even prison mug shots of celebrities who were previously arrested. Aside from the pleasure of having the latest photos and images downloaded right to your cell phone, the primary use of these features, if nothing else, is to provide you with choices to fiddle with to pass the time. For instance, your cell phone can look like Angelina Jolie one day, and Ewan McGregor the next. You can also switch songs for ring tones to match your mood, or change movie themed wallpapers according to what's showing in the theaters. Sometimes you may even want to swap your photos with those of another celebrity fanatic through Blue Tooth. If a day comes, however, when you suddenly feel like trading your cell phone celebrities for cartoon like images, feel no despair. It is, after all, just a download away. Other wallpaper options for your phone are pictures of scenic spots, such as the beach at sunset, the city skyline, and snow-covered mountains; cute photos of babies, pets, dolls and little trinkets; graphic illustrations of your favorite characters; farm animals; holiday themes, such as Christmas and Halloween; cartoons in 3D and manga; tattoo designs and calligraphy; country flags, jets and cars. Meanwhile, other ring tone options include advertising sound clips, video game sound bytes, as well as excerpts from musicals, movie and television themes, and even the national anthems of different countries. You need not be among the stars to be able to have photos of your favorite celebrities. Visit ringtones.lt to download pictures of your favorite celebrities as wallpapers and screensavers, as well as ring tones, logos and games. Article Source : http://www.articledashboard.com Ringtones.lt is a site specialising in the different genres of mobile ringtones , and Nokia wallpapers including celebrity wallpapers . ...

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Siemens CF75

Alongside a large color display and a VGA digital camera with flash attachment, the CF75 provides MMS, e-mail as well as exciting mobile games. Distinctive without being showy, the Siemens CF75 is the embodiment of understated elegance.

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Motorola V66 USB Data Cable (Download Ringtones WallPapers Games) + CD Driver

Key Specifications/Special Features: This cable is used for reading phone data and repairing the phone imei and unlock for the Motorola C350, V60, V66, V70, T731, T730, T722i, T721, T720i, V120, 270c, 280, C333 phone. This cable is compatible for use with PST-Imei software. USB SINGLE DATA CABLE higher transfer speed than the RS232 cable, supporting baud rates from 1200 to 115.2K. needs corresponding software with the simulation ports of COM3,COM4,....except COM1,COM2 in the PC, a CD with driving procedures is available Complies with USB specification ver1.1 Supports automatic handshake mode Over 1 Mbps transfer rate Supports windows 98,windows 2000,Windows ME, Mac OS 8.6 or above. Dimension: 1.2 m Including an USB cable with type A connector to host computer Connectors can connect to Mobile phones as Terminal quipment.(optional type) Operational Temperature : 0~50 degree Celsius Humidity: 10~90% Storage Temperature: -20~65 degree Celsius Average 10 mA( at 5V), Maximum 15 mA(at 5V) For more information, please visit http://www.suntekstore.com.
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