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Sunday, April 01, 2007

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Author: Nike Ruthger
Sms Gateway SMS gateway enables software systems, such as web sites, or applications, to support SMS messaging, i.e. an application can send messages to mobile hand-sets automatically. Simply put, the SMS gateway translates the messages from "PC talk" to "mobile talk" and vice versa, facilitating two-way communication. The need for SMS gateway providers arises from the wide-spread acceptance of SMS as a useful tool for people to receive information services, like weather, news, or any other content. With the sophisticated gateway, programmes can implement such applications as messaging to a large group of people, or sub-sets of a customer base, getting messages from users and processing it, and even two-way applications. The SMS gateway offers an easy way for applications to extend their reach to the mobile arena. For example, a news web site could send news updates to the mobile devices of subscribers, or allow them to participate in news groups. Corporate uses are also varied, as the company can quickly disseminate information to agents in the field, such as letting salesmen know about product enquiries in real time, rather than update them only when they return to their office. The advent of the information age makes us expect all form of information anywhere, at any time � the SMS gateway is one step on the road to ubiquitous information. Article Source : http://www.articledashboard.com Use my page to send free SMS from your PC to any GSM mobile phone in the world. Happy texting! Free SMS & MMS Service.Worldwide travel.Free Ringtone. >>> ...

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