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Friday, July 06, 2007



A ringtone article for you to read Cell Phone Ringtone : The Media Age Of Cellular Mania

Author: Jon Hancock -
The United States has an estimated population of 300 million, with nearly 200 million cell phone users alone. That stands for an amazing opportunity for cellular media throughout the country and flourishing through the world. This new breed of entertainment is found on most cellular phones and is reaching active cell phones at a tremendous rate. Cell phone media consists of an enormous variety of cellular entertainment including : ringtone media, logos, screensavers, wallpapers, videos, MP3s, java games, and much more. The global internet spruces online sales beyond the imagination, to provide cell phone users the entertainment they desire. The highly populated and affordable ringtones are growing at a tremendous rate and will increase dramatically in the next decade. New cellular technology will arise, which will require exciting and progressive entertainment for the elite cell phone market. There is no doubt that cellular necessities will increase with incoming baby boomers surfacing to the atmosphere. A new era will proclaim the mobile market, to supercede the traditional media marketplace. There are many benefits to arranging your own portable software onto your mobile phone. Most of the ringtone media is based on favorite television shows, impressionable movies, top music, holiday tunes, and memorable themes. Depending on the particular ringtone, the cell phone may not get answered until a certain point in the tune, but luckily there's voice messaging to answer any "lost calls" along the way. These ringtones, plus many others, can be downloaded directly to most available cellular devices within minutes after initiation. They normally cost a minimal fee to purchase and can be enjoyed everytime the phone rings. Logos, wallpapers (backgrounds), and screensavers are also of substantial demand throughout the cellular world. Although many phones now carry pre-installed miniature cameras, that can record any picture to be saved as your wallpaper, most of the wallpapers cannot be saved onto your phone with the same quality that can be purchased. This requires mobile media to breed higher ranking in the cellular field of entertainment, to purpose itself as a convenient alternative for background images. Also available for cell phones, that do not carry the camera technology, is a PC to phone option. This feature allows the user to use any selected picture on their computer, and immediately upload it directly into the cell phone of choice. This can be a great resource to capture high quality pictures from the internet, and download them as your portable background of choice. Team logos of your favorite teams and/or associations are also of high demand. You can download the sports logo of your choice in nearly every sport including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and others. This can be a great option for the sports fan that loves to see their team logo implanted into their cell phone. Many logos of your top associations are now available, as are favorite word phrases and designs. The new generation of animated screensavers is a wonderful masterpiece among cellular features as well. These can be enjoyed when your cell phone rings, during calls, and after the call has ended. There are so many new and exciting screensavers, that it can be extremely difficult to make a single decision. You can now find an extrordinary advantage in screensavers to settle your imaginative mind at ease. Whether you're highlights are in funny cartoons, extreme sports, daily life, vacational activities, sensual amazement, or unusual propoganda... the right screensaver is available for your amusement. Downloadable games are tremendously fun in every occasion to relieve simple boredom at any given point. Whether you're in the waiting room at the doctor's office, or riding into a long road trip, these are among the most popular downloads for a cellular phone. They can be downloaded instantly and played in the comfort of your lunch hour, for sincere enjoyment throughout the duration. New java games are being prepared at a tremendous rate and are consistantly available to the general public. Among many top cell phone games are in the fields of action, adventure, arcade, board, parlor, racing, and sports. Be sure to check out many of the new and hottest cell phone ringtone media, and available downloads, at Rings2Cell for all of your cellular entertainment needs. The downloads are updated frequently and can be easily set into most cellular phones on the market. Enjoy your day, enjoy your future, and enjoy your cell phone at a bright new level of entertainment. Article Source : http://www.articledashboard.com Jon Hancock is an accomplished online entrepreneur and author of many articles and blogs. Visit Rings2Cell to download ringtone media and eRewarding to make money online . ...

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