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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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Read this ringtone article TV history: The popularity of TV theme ringtones

Author: Philip Nicosia
One of the reasons why personalized ringtones are enjoying such an immense popularity all over the world is because of the ability to actually bring your personality to your phone. With personalized ringtones you can immediately show to other people what kind of person you are the moment they hear your ringtone. If you are the goofy type of person then you'd have one of those funny songs, a hilarious joke or a funny sound effect as your ring tone. If you are the romantic type then love songs would usually be your ringtone. The adventurous people may select rock or techno music as their ringtones. Of course, anime fans will definitely get anime theme songs as their ringtones. One of the more popular ringtone types that most mobile users prefer to use are ringtones based on TV themes. Choosing tv theme ringtones present a different side of a person's personality � one that loves or is a fan of nostalgia. Why would nostalgia be associated with TV themes anyway? It is simple, really. We are a generation that has grown up with the television set as a constant companion of our lives. It is an ubiquitous part of any household and it is also a regular source for free entertainment. We have practically grown up with the television blaring its programs in our households and as years progress, there are TV shows that we have come to associate with either a certain aspect of our life or particular point in our growing up years. This is attitude is actually not strange but a very normal kind of behaviour, in fact just observe a group of friends who grew up during a particular era � the 70's or the 80's for example � and you will notice that their conversations would usually drift towards what they would usually watch on TV. The more obscure or least popular the show the better because it helps transport them to that time when they were still care-free children. The allure of TV theme ringtones is thus a very understandable phenomena. It not only brings us pleasant memories of the past or of our childhood � it also gives people who have common likes or grew up at the same time an anchor towards establishing a conversation. This is quite easy to prove. Just put a ringtone of a TV show that you grew up with, let's say the classic A Team TV theme or the funky Knight Rider theme, on your mobile phone. Now let it ring in a crowd and you will notice that people who are same age as you are would whip their heads and look in your general direction trying to trace who owns the ringtone. If you are lucky enough someone may even approach you and strike up a conversation! But of course reminiscing about the good old times is best done among friends. It is during this time that the conversation runs wild. Discussions about their favourite theme songs will usually mutate to talk about their favourite movies during that time, even their favourite snacks! Truly, nostalgia is a great way of touching base with friends. Article Source : http://www.articledashboard.com Want to download ringtones ? Ringtones.lt provides all the latest music ringtones and tv ringtones for your cell phone. ...

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